The 23 questions Form shows only 10 questions when shared for collecting responses

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The Form (questionnaire) I created in Microsoft Forms (using an Microsoft account) consists of 23 questions. Approx. half of questions is text input, half is multiple choice. All multiple choice options are within the 2-10 limit.  It seems to stay within the limitations existing for number of questions, options, characters, etc... Yet, when the Questionnaire (Form) is sent out (shared) to be filled in (to gather the responses, using here the microsoft lingo), only the first 10 questions show up.

What can be the issue? Please do not send me to More Settings path, there is nothing there that relates to the number of questions, etc...


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@Admin_Parafia other people have reported that if you delete the last question then add it back in again the missing questions re-appear.


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Hi all. I have tried deleting the last question and adding it in again after saving. It is not solving my problem. I have 19 questions, but when the people I have shared it with open it, it only shows 4 questions. I have checked that there is no branching on any of the questions. Driving me nuts this and I have a deadline to get the survey issued on Wednesday! Help!
Figured this out. If I select a question and then click on add branching, it opens the branching page & at the top right there are 3 dots, click those and select reset. This clears the branching and all the questions now appear!
Thank you, this worked like a charm!