Teams integration incomplete with regards to existing forms

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If you add a Forms tab to Teams and select the "Add an existing form" option, I can access and copy other forms, but I only have two of the three options; Collect Responses and Show Results. The Collaborate option only shows up for Forms that were created within the Teams site.

 Any idea why that's happening and how to get the option to copy an existing form that can be used for Collaboration with outside users?


My use case is we have a team that wants to use Forms to collect data from outside customers. All team members want to issue invitations for the Forms and all team members want to review the results, but only non-team members are going to fill out the forms.

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Collaboration isn't a setting for outside users. All it's doing is putting the form itself up for editing etc. with everyone in the group because it's a "Group" form and saved to the group.

You can still technically go to your form and go to Share at at the bottom and get a link to collaborate on the form with anyone with the link or people in your org with the link, then use that on the website tab in the Team to accomplish the same thing. The built in one only works with forms saved to the group.

So you can get that collaborate URL and use it, then on the same share flyout menu get a URL for responses to give to others as well.