Survey question quantity limited to 100 - how can I increase this?

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I've been trying to use MS Forms to create a survey which allows me to analyse user responses by region, Operating Unit and teams.

Unfortunately, this requires me to replicate the survey questions for each responding team, and I quickly hit the 100 question limit imposed by MS Forms.

I'm now looking into MS Dynamic365, which is where MS Forms Pro morphed into if I understand correctly.

I'd like to know if there are similar limitations in creating the survey in MS Dynamics - and if so, what are they? incl.

  • How many questions can a single survey contain max?

  • What type of questions are available in addition to what MS Forms already offers?

If anyone has any past experience in creating a Global survey for thousands of respondents, and where you want to capture & analyse responses by pre-defined 'customer teams' (ca. 25), please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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@MT2021 the number of questions can actually be much less than 100 if you use Likert questions as each statement is treated as 1 question. This is the same for both Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and  standard Forms. There is no way to increase the limit.


For types of questions the only difference with Customer Voice is that the answer to a text question can be controlled vias regex expressions, for example for an email address. More info on that is here.


I think you'd have more flexibility around what you want to do if you created the form in Power Apps.


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@RobElliott Hi Rob, thanks for your response - very much appreciated. 


Yes, I did use the likert questions, but still reached the limit - reason being that I want 8 separate teams to be assessed by about 25 different customer groups. Therefore I had to create 25 separate 'streams' so to speak (each one producing its own set of response graphs). But once you multiply 25x8 and then x5 questions (I'm basically only asking 5 questions that repeat themselves for each group), I quickly reach that limit.


I will look into PowerApps though - didn't realise it had survey functionality. What sort of 'flexibility' are you referring to if I may ask? Thanks

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@MT2021 you have to build the survey functionality yourself in Power Apps and (as with Forms) you could use a SharePoint list for storing the responses, responder details etc. It's harder to get started with a canvas app in Power Apps than it is to build a form in Microsoft Forms and will require more work and testing to get a survey or form set up and working well - although I recommend the very good videos on YouTube by Shane Young which is how I got started 3 years ago. Ultimately it's a more flexible solution in that you can have cascading dropdowns, radio buttons, toggle switches, checkboxes, text, numbers, images and with a bit of work can even reproduce a likert scale question. And of course you are not limited to a set number of questions.


Los Gallardos
Intranet, SharePoint, Website and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)

Awesome - thanks Rob. Much appreciated.