Survey data not pulling through from Microsoft Forms Pro survey into Excel spreadsheet

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Question 9 of my survey is mandatory.  When I exported the latest run of my survey results approximately 100 answers to question 9 are not pulling through.  On either side of the approx missing 100 I have 1 answer before (the missing answers) and 5 after.  Responses to questions following question 9 are pulling through but not question 9.  I have tested the survey by completing it myself and all my answers populated on the exported spreadsheet.  

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Im facing exactly same issue with around 10/40 questions with no responses while all of the questions in my survey are mandatory and i had test run it my self as well.

@asmawali92  Hi,  I reported the problem to our IT team but before someone got to it the problem was fixed.  Looks like it was a fault with Forms Pro and Microsoft did something which fixed it.  Haven't had the problem since.



I am also experiencing this. We have required questions on a Survey (Forms Pro) and about 8/47 responses so far have been submitted without the required fields completed. I have not been able to recreate this behavior and am at a loss as to why this happening. We do have branching rules built in that hide some required fields based on answers to other questions, but all tests and most responses since going live with the survey have produced the required results....just not sure why randomly, submitters are ale to complete without entering the fields that are shown to them. Any thoughts?

I think there might be a technical fault with Forms Pro.  My survey is showing 1511 responses but when I go into the responses section to export my results it is showing 1501 responses.  The exported spreadsheet has 10 blank rows (missing responses?) and it is pulling through 2 questions which don't exist (deleted before the survey was sent out). @DianeTaylor 

@Poppy10 I just had this exact problem occur twice this week on two separate forms. Both had mandatory questions. Forms data snapshot shows that all users completed all questions, yet excel export of data has empty cells. 


I have a similar problem in that the excel export had missing data from just one question in form. Previous responses have been ok and all other questions are ok.   ??


I am also facing same issue, my form shows there are 235 responses but when I export I only get 220 responses.@Poppy10 

Same as Poppy10 only the missing just are not there. It starts on row 1 at ID 1960 instead of ID 1.

@Tinker_Bell Yeah, that's true. No resolution yet for this issue.