Sub-headings / Text Objects

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Forms is definitely awesome compared to the basic ole Survey system. It would be nice though if it were possible to make static text objects with customizable font sizes. 


These would basically have no "input" but allow headings to be created to visually separate sub-sections of the form or provide instruction. I realise there are "subtitle" options but they dont really serve to visually separate data if that is the objective. 


Can this be done or is this something that already exists and I have missed it? 

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Hi Abraham,


We don' t support customize font size in form yet. I want to understand better of your requirement, do you mean you want to have a section in form with a heading of the section?

Hi Melinda, 


I suppose the best way to describe it would be to say we want multiple headings per form. Essentially a text element which separates and distinguishes one section from another. 


If I were to explain it in HTML terms, you would say that the name of the form up the top would be <H1>, and I would like to create separate sub-headings which would essentially be <H2> that were purely text with no answer that I could continue putting more elements in underneath. Is that making sense? If not, I will try whip up a diagram. lol. Its definitely easier to explain visually.  

Hi Abraham,


I understand what you want, actually many other customers want that, too.  But could you mail me the diagram? It will be helpful for us to deeply understand your need. I will send you my mailbox in private message.