Students unable to view quiz grades in Forms once they have been published

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Good day to all,


Since the end of last year, i have been having problems with some or most of my students not being able to view their scores in MS Forms after they have been published, I dont know if its a matter of navigation tool, cookies, or something else.


Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Josué Otoniel Cruz Vanegas 


If you haven't already tried this, check under the Responses tab in the Quiz, click onto the Post scores button to see which scores have been Posted or Not yet posted.




For the students who are experiencing issues, are they listed as Posted?




@Damien Rosariothank you very much for your response.  I had already checked that possibility, but the end it was all due to the students being logged out of their accounts, once they logged in again, they were able to see their note.  I also encouraged them to click on the button to remain signed in to avoid any other issues.

Hi @Josué Otoniel Cruz Vanegas 


Great to hear pal!


Best wishes with your classes!




 @Damien Rosario 

Hi Damien

I am a teacher in South Africa and we have recently been using forms for online assessments.  I have assessed the responses of my students and am able to post the summary of responses in Teams but I, somehow, am not able to give the students a link to view their own score despite them submitting their email addresses?  All scores have been posted.

Please assist. 

Thanks so much.

Have a great day!

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Hi @Chani_BruhnsChani54 


If your students are logged into their Microsoft school account, you can send them the quiz link and it will show them their results.


So basically the same link they use to do the quiz, is the same one that will show them their answers once you post their scores.


Give it a go and let me know if this works for you?


Cheers and good luck