Struggling with Forms Pro Survey ownership

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Hi, I can't find any good information about the ownership of survey data in Forms Pro.

I've created a survey with user A. Shared for collaboration with user B. So far so good.

Now user B wants to user Power Automate to create invitations, but cannot select the survey, only user A is able to do that. I think that's because of the ownership.


Now, question is: How can we transfer the ownership of a survey to another user?

I've read some things about transfering ownership to a group, or to another user done by an Admin.
But it seems these admin tasks concern the regular Forms and not Forms Pro.


As a test I've changed to owner of the survey record in CDS (assigned it to user B). For Forms Pro that looked logical to me, but it did not do the trick. 


Hope someone can point me in the right direction.



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