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Storing attachments from Form in the relevant submission folder in Sharepoint

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I am trying to connect a form that I created to SharePoint. My form accepts attachments for 3 questions. These attachments unfortunately get stored in SharePoint under respective question folder that it creates in Sharepoint. However, I would prefer to have the folders for each submission as o

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Hi @Appy01 


I'm not sure I follow your scenario. Could you please provide some screen shots to demonstrate the form and issue? Redact any sensitive info.




@Damien Rosario 

Step 1: Would be to submit the form that requests three attachments under three questions.


Step 2: The attachments get stored in SharePoint to their respective folder based on question number instead of a folder for each form submission. Meaning SharePoint creates a folder called Q14 for attachment 1 (for all form submissions) and Q15 for attachment 2 (for all submissions) and Q15 for attachment 3. I would rather have folders as submission 1 with files for Q14,Q15,Q16 and submission 2 with files for Q14,Q15,Q16 and so on. 




Does it make sense ? :| 

Hi @Appy01 


Yeah that upload thing per question rather than within a submission is certainly annoying (I experience the same annoyance).


I'm not aware of anyway to change that behavior at present short of a probable workaround using Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) to move the files to where I want them to be.


Alternatively, the experts at may have some other ideas on how to resolve this?


Good luck!


Ah thanks. I will check that out too.