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My team and I have had an odd situation this week, we use a form to track our activities and it is usually done on a SharePoint Online page. This week on that SP page the form has been starting as if the first choice was already made. When accessing the form externally the form is working normally. I haven't seen any issues reported and wondering if I missed something?

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@Travis Herman 

Are we to assume that you're using the Forms webpart in a modern SharePoint site or the embed code?  If so, have you tried adding the form to another page in the SitePages directory to see if this occurs again?


And just to be holistic in our problem solving, might be worth checking the source survey to make sure nothing has changed there.

Hello @Travis Herman,


Sorry to hear that! I am suffering from the same problem as well, it is very frustrating and I couldn't get an answer by now. You can see my post from here;


If you would come across with a solution, please let me know! 


Have a good start to the week.


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The problem is even bigger, as I go through the form via the Sharepoint web part the questions are appearing in a random order. It makes the form usual able,

@Steven Andrews , yes that is the correct assumption I am using the Forms web part. I think I have resolved the issue with the simplest fix. Everything looked correct in the settings but even adding to a different site was producing the same result. I went back to the Form settings and toggled settings, came back and refreshed the page to the start of the Form.