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I am slowly transitioning my school to using Office 365.


I have been approached as to how to digitise our training procedures.  I have searched high and low about this and I can't find how to do this.   I feel the solution will involve Forms and/or  OneNote.  So I am looking for advice to get me started.   


Essentially we have a Book of key policies etc. that are essential for new staff to learn.  I'd like to create a Document that has this information embedded in it.  The after they have finished a section that can tick a box to declare they have read and understood the information.


We could make this in moodle by have a document listed to download,  then a quiz for each section "Did you understand the first topic?  yes/no"


I could replicate this using a Wiki in Teams  or a OneNote  then I could provide a Link to a Form in a similar way to the moodle.      My annoyance with this is it just feel clumsy.


For example,  if there are 10 sections then we'd have 10 separate different quizzes/forms.   The data will spread into a variety of different spreadsheets.  I could probably make it so that they are all in the one workbook.    But they are all separate.



Maybe embedding a form within the OneNote will work better.    I should I use a Wiki etc.  


Any advice would be much appreciated 

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I am looking to do something similar and want to have a multipage survey that gracefully transitions from one form to the next. We have different uses for the form I seek the same functionality as you do.

I'll make sure to post any solution I find/stumble across. I'm hoping you'll do the same if you have a good solution.

Thanks Ill keep you posted.

My latest idea is to do it using Sharepoint pages. Ive made a demo which is okay. But I still have the same issue with multple forms on separate work books
There are some suggestions on the forms Uservoice page that relate to this. You could vote for them.

There are a few more. suggestions there two. I like the idea of collating multiple forms on the one sheet. This would work for forms that arent anonymous
I've had another idea that is very simple and will work pretty well.

The solution involves using form branching and allowing users make multiple entries to the same form.
Q1 - Which Policy did you just read ? (multiple choice)

Q2 vary based on response from previous question

Thank you for the links and ideas. I was out of the office last week and Have not had time to delve into this. When I do I will certainly look into the multiple branch suggest. That's a fantastic idea.


I trialled my idea the other day.   I reckon it's good enough for me to use.     Not quite what I wanted,  but it's very simple to do and it gives me the information I need.

I trialed my idea the other day.   I reckon it's good enough for me to use. So I reckon I'll continue with it.    Not quite what I wanted,  but it's very simple to do and it gives me the information I need.    


I'm not in any rush to get this specific project done.  I'm trying to transition my entire school into using O365, sharepoint etc.    So I have long pipeline of projects to progressively roll out.   When I get it working I'll make a youtube video about it.    I can't find anything much on this topic