Spell Check on Forms

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Quick question, is it possible to turn off the spell check on forms?


I am looking for a way of creating a spelling test and therefore removing the automatic spell check is quite important.


Thanks, Martin

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I'm curious about the same. It's possible that it's Chrome doing the spellchecking, but it's not doable to expect the pupils to turn it off themselves, because that's hard to control. Spelling-tasks are quite useful when learning a new language, and I'd like to use Forms for this.


So, I'm bumping this thread - is there a way to turn off spell checker? 


Thanks, Tommy

Did you ever find out an answer to this? I am wanting to do this as well.


I did not, unfortunately. :(

@Martin Curtis I want an answer to this as well.  It should be an easy fix to the settings.  


I am hoping that you received a response to your query in the past two years because I would like to turn off spell checking in Office 365 Forms. I am trying to run an online spelling test.

@Martin Curtis