Specifying a "Correct" Date

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Hi everyone,

I'm using Forms to create a quiz that we'll be using internally.  For one of the questions, I'd like the users to specify a particular date.  I am able to set up the quiz question using the date option, but unlike other question types, I can't specify what the "correct" answer is for auto-grading.  Any ideas?


I'm new to forms, so perhaps I'm not understanding the best way to use this feature?



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You will need to use choices instead and have the quiz just mark the correct choice as the date field doesn't support that feature, it's more for specifying date of test.
There is a uservoice open for it here


Would recommend to vote on it to push it up the agenda. However, it has been some time that it has been raised for. So as @Alan Marshall has said it would need to be via a choice question (an alternative) to be able to be graded.

Hope that helps

Best, Chris