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Hello everyone,

I am creating a training feedback evaluation via Microsoft forms.

I created a test version and responded for submission. I wanted a colleague to test that - so, I copied the same link for my colleague. But before I would have send out the link I thought to test that if everything is ok before sending it out. However, when I clicked on the link- I had a message that the evaluation has  been submitted. I am worried as I would be sending it out to a large group. I would want to know more about the best practices to have this right. What do I need to pay attention to? If I generate the main evaluation and send it out - would that not happen like that? Would I be safe?
Could somebody help me with the best practice?

Thanks in advance.
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@Dee24665 look at the settings, it sounds like you have set it so that only 1 response per person is permitted. When you are testing a form and any flows that happen as a result of the submission you must always make sure that that this is not selected. You can turn it on again before you send out the finished form.




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