Smartest way to create a agreement form for internal staff and external staff


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I have policy documents etc that I have to go through with every new employee that comes. In these times I want to create a form with a link that I can send out to all the new staff that comes. And after they have read through the papers have the ability to sign with their names, email etc. What will be the best way to go with this? I have the agreement in a word doc. And the best solution would be so they can read and sign on their phones.


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@scaffnull in my company we have safety briefings that any of 4 different groups of staff need to confirm they have read & understood. To do this the administrator uses a Microsoft Form to upload the document to OneDrive, and a flow in Power Automate triggers and uploads the briefing to a document library in SharePoint. When the briefing is ready to go out the administrator clicks a JSON-formatted button in a column in the list that triggers another flow where the administrator selects which of the 4 groups (one, several or all) that it should go to. The flow runs and using a start & wait for an approval action in Power Automate sends out the email with the briefing automatically attached which arrives in their inbox as an "adaptive card" which means they can enter their comments right within the email, click a button to confirm they have read it and the flow then adds an item to a separate list which records who the user was, any comments they made and the date and time they clicked the button.  Once th3ey click the button the response is recorded and the adaptive card changes so they can't re-submit it. They must respond within 30 days for their comments and the date/time of response to be recorded.


That's quite a sophisticated system though not too difficult to build. But if you wanted a more simple solution I would suggest you send out an email with a link to the form, and in your form you have a question for the user's name or email address. When they click the submit button the date and time they did this will be saved in the spreadsheet behind the form.


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@RobElliott Thank you for your reply! Very informative and clear. But one question, the sharepoint link is not static? The administrator has to send out an email if I understood it correctly? My goal is to have a static link that new people can click on/get sent to. Choose the language and based on that first click go through the documents, sign with their name email etc. 

So I guess another question is, where would that data be accessible to see and confirm?

Thanks again!