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Hi all,


Is the Show/hide Questions Number setting working for you?

For me, even thought that check box at the setting is unchecked, the questions number is always showing for me.

It is very annoying to see the Question Numbers in the survey form.

Any suggestion or idea?


Kyaw Kyaw Tun

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Last time I checked this wasn't possible. Which setting are you using?

Here is a Uservoice requesting the feature you mentioned but it doesn't look like MS has developed it yet:

Hi @Ricardo Viana


Thanks for replying. MS has already done that function and you can see that option check box in Setting.

But it is not working if you have any image on your Form Question.

After I removed the image, the Question Numbers were hidden.

Once I put the image back, the question numbers are shown.

Can you please check at your end?


Thank you.


Kyaw Kyaw Tun

Hi @Kyaw_Kyaw_Tun,


I already have the option as well. Probably, It was still rolling out before.


I am now facing the same behavior your mentioned, whenever I add an image the question numbers appear. You should open a MS support ticket to report it.


Thanks for sharing this!

Hi @Ricardo Viana


Thanks for confirming you got the same issue.



Kyaw Kyaw Tun



I do not have the option to show/hide question numbers as you show in your screen shot.  Since these are older threads I figured I would have the setting.  I created a no form - no setting.   What am I missing?  This isn't a Forms Pro only setting? 


Thank you!

@Sheryl_Pass Hello, 

1 year later and I have the same issue: the option is not open to me. Has this feature been removed?

Tried this- no setting option in MS Forms to remove question numbers, or to remove the header text about filling out this form and whether their name will be shown, etc. Am trying to embed the form in a Newsletter, where readers can provide feedback (star ratings, what topics they'd like to see for future). I don't like that the link is taking them to a form that basically repeats what I have to show in the hyperlink text to get them out to the form- would like to slim it down. 
Advice anyone? 


@SLGeller sorry, that's just how it works, there's no way to slim it down.


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@RobElliott Thank you :(

Is there a way to remove the survey numbers? I've seen some that did not have numbers, but IDK if they created in a different MS form template perhaps?



@SLGeller  I have the same question....any update on being able to hide question numbers?

I need the number count removed as Forms doesn't allow for additional comments after a question, so instead of eight questions, I have sixteen, half of which just ask for comments. Not a great look and its pretty intuitive to be asking for this functionality

@Sydnem17 there is a feedback portal request for this which you can vote for here.


Los Gallardos
Intranet, SharePoint and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)



@Kyaw_Kyaw_Tunthis options exists now:

In the Forms design area, click on the ellipsis in the upper-right corner and select Settings:

In Settings > Options for responses, select Disable question number for respondents:


This will remove the numbering but only in the response page (or Preview). So in Edit-Mode, don't be confused that the numbering still exists there.


see Removing question numbers on Microsoft Forms – One Minute Office Magic