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Hi everyone,


is there an opportunity in Forms to show freetext answers in the summery link not only the number of answers?


I have some questions, which should be answered with freetext. The answers I want to publish but there's no opportunity that other people could read the answers when published with the summery link.

They only can see that there are XX answers but they can't see the written freetext answers.


Is there an option which I missed to activate?




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@Metzle9581 not with the summary link, but if you give them the link to collaborate they will be able to click the More Details link under the free text question and a pane opens with all the responses for that question.




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Hi Rob,

thanks for your answer.

So, I can't solve this withoit collaboration, right?

It's a pitty so far because I don't want to give them the link to collaborate. I want to show the answers to the public, in my special case they're all fans of a football club and this makes it impossible for me to share the link to collaborate.

Is there perhaps another way to solve this case?


Not that I know of with the summary link.