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I was wondering if people thought a "short answer" option in an advanced(?) option for forms would work?  A good example is we use Forms for our menus at work, often we will want to put a really nice description of the item to sell it to people but when we download the menu to Excel for the chef to use it they would like a really brief summary of the items, not full description.  I would have also found this useful and find myself often editing the spreadsheet to make it more manageable which is fine for a 1 off form but forms being constantly produced it is time wasted.


Thoughts on how it may work:



If short "Short Answers" is selected ONLY "Short Answers" are listed in Excel, not the long version.






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@cbsmyles you can send short answers to the chef via a flow in Power Automate and (optionally) a SharePoint list. But before I give you a solution for this, how often are you sending the chef the list?


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@RobElliott so the chef (not a power user) makes a copy of the form daily, a different one each time. 

And different each day!

@cbsmyles sorry I don't understand what you've said or what the process is. Is the chef copying the form or downloading the data from the spreadsheet?

Hi Rob, sorry for the poor replies, I quickly did it last night on my phone. Let me explain in more detail.

The chef on our site makes a new form on a daily basis based on the menu choices for that day. He is not a power user but follows the process of copying the previous days MS Form and changes the fields. The form stops new entries at 10am daily then he downloads it to Excel and prints the spreadsheet ready for that day when they are preparing the meals with his team, the long names on the fields makes it less easy to print out as the spreadsheet gets very wide by the nature of the export.

I as a power user do not get involved in the process at all and it really does need to be exceptionally simple.