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Hi, I am using MS Forms to obtain information from the Sales team to log enquiries into CRM. Once I have logged the enquiry into CRM, I drag and drop the email, with the link to the form, into the individual customer's folder. I then want whoever filled the form in, or whoever is then going to be dealing with the enquiry going forwards, to be able to open the email, click the link and see the completed form. 


I have tested this with a couple of people and they get the same error message 


"Sorry, something went wrong. Please make sure you have permission to view this form"


The same people have permission to complete the blank form, just not after it's been completed - is there a way to set permission so they can see any form I save?



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@_sarah to see individual responses people would need to have the Share to Collaborate link, or at the very least the summary link although that won't show individual responses. I don't know how you are getting the link to the completed form as the way you've got it, from the link in the email they will only see the blank form. Apart from the Share to Collaborate link, if you wanted to see individual responses you'd need to save the response to a SharePoint list with a flow in Power Automate.


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@RobElliott Thank you for your response. I will see what I can do in Power Automate. I need a group of people to be able to see any and all of the responses at any given time. I used to print the form and scan it back to the server, but WFH doesn't allow me to do that at the moment, so was looking for a more technologically friendly way to do it without printing etc.