Sharing Microsoft Form results in a Team but not with a Team

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Hi there, I have a Microsoft Form and I want to share the results spreadsheet with a colleague so he can see results comes in in real time and make edits, etc. 


We are both on the same Team, so I moved the form to this Team. (Just to add, my colleague only accesses Teams etc through a browser.)


However, I noticed that the Form’s results workbook is now accessible to everyone in the Team. Is there anyway to prevent everyone in the Team accessing the results spreadsheet? I tried to encrypt the excel file but it broke the link with the survey.  It doesn’t look like I can share to a channel either, only the entire Team. 

If anyone has any suggestions for what I can do, I would be very grateful to receive them.

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@Hailee960 you didn't need to move it to the team, you just needed to give the link in Collaborate or Duplicate to your colleague.




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Thanks - I’ll try this