Sharing Forms Internally in your organization

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Hello. I created a form and would like to share it with some people in my company so that they can send it out to external users, also be able to look at and monitor the responses. What is the easiest and efficient way to do this ? Also will they receive a email when the form has been completed with the responses ? Or would this have to be accomplished with Power Automate Flow. I filled out my form myself and it sent me a email, I would like that to happen also to the people I am sharing it with.

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@Captkirk91 just give your colleagues the share to collaborate link (from the Share button at the top right of the form). They can then view the responses, modify the form and send out the link for users to complete the form. As you said, you will need a flow in Power Automate if you want others to get a notification of a submission or if you want to save the responses into a SharePoint list etc.


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