SharePoint Group Form and Permissions

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Hello, SharePoint group forms can now only be accessed by the group members. Historically, we have been able to share a Form outside of the SharePoint group as long as the Forms "Who can fill out this form" settings are set correctly. Is this change intentional or due to a regression in the SharePoint service? (see

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Just to clarify, is it the case that people who are not members of the group cannot respond to the form or upload files? If so, please let us know if you encounter an error page and provide the session ID and correlation ID for further investigation.
Members of the group can not access/respond to the form. The users receive the following message: "Sorry, something went wrong Please make sure you have permission to access this form."

I tried to access a group form where I am not a member. Here are IDs.

Session id: db525bc6-fbb2-4f46-ab0e-5749e83b30c3, Correlation id: 6e76da37-8586-4a86-8f5e-5f7d530c60f3

Thank you!
Our telemetry data shows that you attempted to access the design page of a form, but the service rejected your request due to a permission error. This is expected since you are not a member of the group and are not authorized to edit the form. If you are unable to respond to the form, please try accessing the response page instead and provide us with the session ID and correlation ID.
Thank you, Dingkun. Apparently not all neurons were firing for me that morning. Using the response link works as expected. Thank you for your help to my silly question :)