Share link not working with some colleagues

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I've created a quiz and have copied its link to send and collect responses.


When I email the link to my colleagues, some of them can access the quiz just fine. But for others, the link takes them to the Microsoft Forms homepage asking them to sign in. When they sign in, they get to their "My forms" dashboard, which of course is not my quiz.


If, however, they sign into Microsoft Forms and then click my link, they get to the quiz just fine.


While this is a work-around for now, it's not optimal because the idea of emailing the link is for my colleagues to go straight to the quiz without any rigmarole.


Does anyone know why the link works OK for some people but not for others?


Btw the option "Only people in my organization can respond" is selected. (It appears our IT department has deactivated the "Anyone with the link can respond" option because it's ghosted.)



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Hi Ryan

Not sure what the issue is except to ask if the staff members who were having issues were logging in from outside the network?

But even if they were, my experience has been that they are supposed to be taken to the form when logged in.

Also, when they log in and see their My Forms screen, did they try clicking onto the Shared with me link to see if the form is there?

Best of luck!


Thanks for your reply, Damien.


All the staff members were on the network.


Those seeing their My forms screen did not see the form under Shared with me. Having said that, is that function more for editing than for end-user access?

I agree Ryan. It was a long shot on the Shared with me screen and I'm not sure what the solution is given that I haven't experienced it.

It might be worth logging a support ticket with Microsoft to see if they can find out or give advice?

Sorry I can't be of more help. Best of luck with this one!


No worries Damien, I appreciate your help all the same.


It's a pity I've struck this problem, because while I think MS Forms is a nifty tool, its unreliability renders it unusable.


Oh well, I'll give MS support a crack.

If you do get an answer from Microsoft support, it would be great to hear what the answer is. Other forum visitors could learn the answer for future reference!