Setting up a form with a section to be completed once received

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I've created a form which will be used by staff to report certain incidents. What I'd ideally like is for the first part of the form to be completed and submitted but then the second part to be completed by a member of IT staff once the form has been received (to say that it has been actioned). Is there any way in which this can be done? I'm new to forms so haven't had a great deal of time to investigate.


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@BenMoore no, this isn't possible. Submitting a form is a one-pass event and there is no way for IT to complete the form once received. What we do with our IT Ticketing System (for 1000 staff) is to use a flow in Power Automate to save the form response to a SharePoint list and then the IT staff can go into the list and add their comments etc.


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Hello Rob
Many thanks for your reply. That sounds like it could work for us. I'll have to look at Power Automate and see how I get on with it.