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We are looking at Microsoft Forms and JotForm to collect some financial data.  Specifically collecting bank name, routing number, and account number.  JotForm has banking templates that can be used to collect this type of data.  


Does Forms allow users to collect this type of data?  If not, is there another Microsoft alternative?  We are a Microsoft shop and I am trying to steer away from JotForm.  (Not bashing JotForm, just trying to keep solutions in one platform when able.)


Any info appreciated. 



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@BrettWooten this will almost certainly not be possible with Microsoft Forms which has a "Personal and Sensitive Data" filter which prevents the form being saved if Microsoft's algorithm thinks the data is personal or sensitive which banking information definitely is.


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@RobElliott, thank you for the reply. I kind of figured it wasn't the appropriate platform.

What about a Power Apps Portal? Trying to keep things in Microsoft tools as much as possible.
Any thoughts or experience with Portals. Sorry Forms forum. Maybe not appropriate to talk other tools but it may also help other users that come here looking to collect sensitive data.

Hi @BrettWooten and @RobElliott 

I have just started collecting Bank Details / Wire Transfer info with MS Forms (and was told by Harvard IT that this is their recommended platform because it is secure for what they describe as level 3 and level 4 data, really everything but human tissue samples ;-)). I too would much rather be using Jotform but am not even allowed to collect mailing addresses on Jotform (which is a real pain because i love the dynamic form capabilities of Jotform and MS Forms is so very crude). Rob, could you share a reference on the lack of security for this type of data and I will pass on to Harvard IT. Thanks!

@megan-at-HURI I don't know of any info that Microsoft has published about this, it just seems to be an algorithm they use to decide what is personal & sensitive data.


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@BrettWooten have you found a solution for capturing bank data?  I'm in the same boat here, trying to create good solution to capture info for performing credit evaluations.  I have not heard of or used JotForms and would also like to stay using the MS platform.  We use Nintex here and will most likely use that for creating forms, was hoping there was an 'easy button' for capturing this stuff.  We also have a few DLP policies in place to help identify this content.  I have not tested using MS Forms yet, but will be in the next couple weeks.  I did see a couple forums talking about the Security and Privacy in Microsoft and how they might block users and content when filling out forms based off of some algorithm that was mentioned in this thread.
Thanks all and appreciate the feedback!

Hey Rob, do you know of other solutions for this by chance?

@Peter McKeever We ended up using Jot Forms and I hate to say that.  Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with Jot Form, its just I wanted to keep the solution in a Microsoft tool.  And I wasn't sure what would happen if I tried to deploy in Forms.  


Moving forward I'm looking at PowerApps Portals as a potential solution.    

Roger that, appreciate the response. I'll take a look at JotForms. I've started testing using PowerApps/PowerAutomate with SharePoint for some solutions. Thanks again though!