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I am using forms to have staff members send me requests for support.  Once they have sent me their request, I need to reply to them (hopefully utilising the form they have completed).  Is this possible?

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@jonesbw you can't use the form itself but can achieve what you want with a couple of flows in Power Automate and a SharePoint list. The first flow triggers when the form has been submitted, saves the request to a list in SharePoint and notifies you by email that the request for support has come in and who it's from and with a link to the item in the list. One of the columns in the list would be for your response and you could have a JSON-formatted "Send response" button in the list item. When you click that it starts a second flow to send the original submitter an email with your reply.. Let me know if you want to see screenshots of this in action.


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@RobElliott I vaguely understand what you mean but some screen shots would be really helpful. Thanks.