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We sent out a Form but did not tick the box to give respondent the option after they have filled out their form, to tick Send me an email receipt of my responses.


My question is: can we send email  to respondents that is a receipt of their responses after their answers have been submitted...

thank you

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I was searching for the same question and looks like no one responded. 

Based on Search, i found we can simulate using Flow and I was able to Send email using the Send an email to responder when response submitted. In the email composition i am not able to determine the URL like the one generated when you click the Check box on Submit screen. 


If someone posts any update please tag me too. 



Hi @Learning_fun 


I'm not quite following what you mean by giving the responder the option to tick Send me an email receipt of my responses. I am not aware of that being a function of Forms unless you mean that if they tick a box in the survey, you would then manually, or using Power Automate, email their results to them?


To your question, if the email address has been recorded in their submission, you could manually look at the Email addresses of the responders up to the time you had switched on the Send email receipt to respondents option in your form, and send them a BCC email thanking them for their input. 


By switching on Send email receipt to respondents, all future responders will receive the acknowledgement email.


If you are looking to send them the answers that they have submitted, you'll need to use Power Automate to achieve this for future responses, And while you could rig something in Power Automate to redo the previous responses too, it will need a bit of work.


Hope that all makes sense?




Hi @lrngform 


If you want the acknowledgement email to go out to respondents, go to the top right of your form, ... and Settings and tick Send email receipt to respondents. This only works if you are doing this for people in your organisation.




The other way is ask for their email address in the form, and then Power Automate can send them an email (and their responses if you want).




@Damien Rosario 


Yes I have that option checked and we get a

Check Box Shows Send me an email receipt of my response. 


Can we make this default selected?

  - I don't think there is an option. ( So I have to go to Flow Option to Trigger email )

I Created a Flow where when this form is submitted , to send a similar email when the check box is selected.

But I get email like Webhookup with ids as Text in Body.

Is there way we can change it to URL in Flow so email looks similar to the one auto generated?