Sending a receipt using forms

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Hi there

I am new to using forms and we are trying to set up a form for receipting payments received, however we wanted to know if it was possible to 


1) generate a unique reference number

2) email a copy of the receipt to the person completing it


Is this possible to do, maybe by incorporating some flows into the process?





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@MelH14 with Microsoft Forms on its own no this isn't possible. You would need to use a flow in Power Automate to grab the response details, save the response to a list in SharePoint with a column for Reference Number, add a delay for 10 seconds, update the item in the SharePoint list adding the ID number of the list item to the Reference Number column, then send an email to the submitter with the reference number. We do this in our company for IT support tickets.


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Hi Mel,


I am trtying to do the same thing. Did you manage to figure it out?

@Imran_P2070 did you not see my previous response? You can't do this with just Forms but need a flow and a SharePoint list.


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