Send Survey to Users outside my Organisation

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I have created a survey with Forms that I would like to send to other partners in a research project that are not part of the same organisation, but that are also using Office 365. However, the option "Anyone can respond" is not available when I want to share the survey with them. I am university staff and do not have adminsitrator rights. My school IT forwarded me to Microsoft support, which has sent me here :) Thanks for any help!

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@Christian_Furtwaengler I was meanwhile able to figure out the problem myself. I was using image upload elements which apparently is not allowed, if a survey is shared across organisations. 

Therefore, I have now deleted the corresponding elements, which works for me for this moment.


Does anyone know the reason, why the upload function is not compatible with the "anyone can respond" functionality?



I ran into a similar issue when trying to allow for attached files in a cross-org form that I created. I believe it's ultimately a security concern, since anyone with the link could potentially upload malicious files anonymously. I think that it should allow for some sort of federation between other Office365 user orgs, as my issue is that my company is in the midst of integrating another company that we recently acquired, and both companies have their own Office 365 environments, but we're left to act as "guests" in each others.