send email to email address entered into forms using flow

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I am having an issue getting this to work. I want to send email to email address entered into forms using flow

Ex: I have a form that requires the user to enter an email address. I want Flow/PowerAutomate to send an email to that email address that was manually entered and to the person that submitted it

How do I get it to send to an email address that was manually entered into a forms field? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. thanks : Mike

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Hi Mike (@Mike Mckinney), have a look at the flow below which shows you the steps and come back with any questions. NB: if the form is set to anonymous then you can't automatically capture the email address of the person that submitted it, unless you have a question asking them to. But you can if they are in the organisation and that how the settings are set as in the example below which saves the response to a list in SharePoint and sends an email to the form submitter and the address they entered.


1) When a new response is submitted get the response details and (if it's inside the organization) get the responder's email address:



2) if you want to you can create a list item in SharePoint with the response information:



3). Next, from the dynamic content, for the To field select the question with the email address and  Mail from the Office 365 Users section. Separate them with a semi-colon:




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