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Hi! I want to be able to create a flow that looks like this:

Microsoft forms (example order computer from forms admin account) > Approval (closest manager needs to approve, found in office 365(?)) > if approved, mail sent to me for ordering of new computer. 


I'm very new to flow and have tried some ways but could not get it to work. 

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Here is a rough way you should do it. Hope this helps but overview is get response from forms, then get response details which creates the loop. Put in a get manager, Then start an approval pulling in fields from the other steps and then send e-mail. Pretty straight forward. 


Thanks! I got it to work. The only problem is that in the approval it doesn't show my name to my manager instead it uses our admin account, which have created both the Flow and the Form. Any ideas on why? 

If I after the approval want to set a condition, approved = send email to me with what to order, and decline = return to sender with comment "your request has been declined blah blah blah..". Is this the way to do it? It works as intended above screen dump, just unsure about the condition situation after the Approval. The "skicka ett e-postmeddelande" is the "send email" function, but in Swedish as Chrome didn't translate it. 

I think the approval has it's own, but if you tested it and it works then should be fine. It's been awhile since I did the approval flow it's probably changed since then :P. You can always also create your own approval flow you don't have to use the built in flow one if it doesn't meet your needs.

Hello - I am trying to achieve the same but I don't have the dynamic content available ; 




Only Response ID is available. 

@batvan276 For any new flow that you create Response ID will be in the dynamic content as the action to select. It has replaced the List of Response Notifications Response ID action (which still works fine on existing flows) but does exactly the same. So just select Response ID.


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Thank you Rob looks like it's working.


I had a question around the upload attachment feature on a form. 


I included this in the body of the approval email but wondering if there is a way to clean this up ?






This is what appears on the email body. 





Any help is appreciated.