Self Assessment Toolkit on Forms

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Dear All, 



I am working on porting Excel based Self Assessment toolkit to MS Forms. I have created the wireframe, however am stuck at building a flow / logic on click of submission button to display the outcome on the same page with results as "Answer1" / "Answer2" / "Answer3".


Appreciate your suggestions / guidance. 


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Unless you're getting into some really custom coding, not sure what you can do within the same screen of the Forms front-end.


That said, there are workarounds you could pursue if you're willing to show results after form submission:

  1. Force your user to provide a valid email address via Forms
  2. Create List with fields duplicative of your Form
  3. Create fields in List that validate submissions to achieve a "grading" functionality
  4. Use Flow to create a new List Item via Forms submission
  5. Use same Flow to deliver back to your user their "grade" based on validating List fields via email