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Hi I created a survey form in my organization. But I want to see who are those members in the organization who haven't answer the survey I created., so I can make an email reminder about it. 

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@Tebtim there are 2 answers to this depending on whether you have already sent out the form or not.


If you have sent it out then the only thing you can do is to do a manual comparison between the spreadsheet of responses against a list of the people you have sent the form to.


If you haven't yet sent out the form then you could do what we do in our company which is to create a list in SharePoint and in each row add the email address of each person you have sent the email to into the Title column. Then have a single line of text column called Responded with a default of No. Next you'd need a flow in Power Automate to get the items in this SharePoint list and also get the details of each response as it comes in. Then you'd add a Condition to compare the responder's email address against the Title column in the list. If it isn't equal then do nothing and leave the red If No channel empty. If it is equal then in the green If Yes channel add an Update item action and change the Responded column to Yes. You could also have a column for each question in the form and add the answer in there as well which is what we do for audit or reporting reasons.


Next you would need a separate flow, probably a manually triggered flow, to get the items from your SharePoint list and have a condition that if the Responded column is equal to No  then send a reminder email.


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@RobElliott is it possible to give a screenshot of steps involved.. Im quite new to power automate.



@RobElliott Is there a plan to make this an automated feature in the near future? It seems that this would be a pretty basic function of a useful digital form/survey.

this is a horrible work around and sad that it's needed

Can you show screen shots - I'm a visual learner :smile: and having a hard time figuring this out. 

Thank you @RobElliott 



The Sharepoint App version has a 'Send Reminder' button at the top of the Responses page. If you select this, you can edit the message content before the reminder is sent. Then if you look in your sent folder in Outlook you can see the names of the recipients who were sent the message, i.e. the email addresses of all non-respondents.


However, it would make so much sense for the app to just be able to automatically provide the email addresses of all those who were sent the form and haven't responded, perhaps in a table.


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Thank you! I've used that feature but didn't realized it was in my Outlook. It would be nice if the app automatically populated the emails that were sent the form, maybe the are working on it.  @Antbruce 

Thanks, your approach was helpful in solving my requirement.
For those who wanted screenshots, here's an overview:







Hope this helps!



Although the steps laid out above seem like a potentially plausible workaround, it is a lot of additional steps that most common users of Microsoft products would not be aware of even exists let alone how to do it. This is not a complicated feature to add to the Forms application itself, and could really be used across all contexts. We gather input from a group but we need to know if the whole group has responded. The fact that this hasn't already been developed in the time that Forms has been in existence seems to be a huge oversight.

I am new to Flows and Sharepoints. I have given this a go but can't seem to get it to work. Does anyone know if someone has created a video on this? The screen shots are helpful but I am clearly messing one of the details in the flow up



Hi Rob.

I send you a message. If you have time.

I like your solution and think it can work for me. But need more help



The responses can be output in an excel format. How hard would it be to initially enter all the recipients into the form, so that it's easy to see who has already answered and who hasn't. I need to verify that everyone has responded, and that workaround is crazy.

Under settings, you can use the option to register the names of all respondents. If you do, their name and e-mail will appear in the results table that you can export to Excel. That could make it easier to compare it with you list of invitees.

@Hugo_Royen of course I did that. However my form was addressed to a mailing list (e.g. a department or the whole company) and that doesn't generate a list of invitees to compare to. :(


Anyway, the form worked pretty well for me. 

@Hugo_Royen Yeah but that requires additional steps which could take some considerable time with a large list of people.  It would seem pretty intuitive if you have the option to collect email addresses of those responding already, that it should be able to also very quickly generate a list of who has not yet responded.  Simply put, why would anyone who is collecting email addresses in a form NOT be interested in who has not yet responded?  This is a pretty big oversight (and I would imagine a very low hanging fruit for a developer) for something that would benefit nearly everyone who uses forms.