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I see that this questions has been posed in multiple places, multiple times.  We currently have a product that we use for Surveys, not SurveyMonkey or anything like that.  It literally integrates with our CRM.

Our license will be expiring 5/31 with this company and I've been tasked with researching new survey options.  Because we now have the full blown version of O365, I'm trying to get user adoption so we can finally work within one system....AND....move towards 21st century thinking.


My problem with MSForms is two fold.  There are others - but the main problems are:

a.  You cannot create 'sections' as you can with other products.

b.  You cannot create a numbering system, so for example - instead of just 1, 2, 3 for each question - I 'may' want 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, etc.....  OR  the ability to not show numbers at all.

Okay - one more - we need to have the ability to direct our thank you for taking the survey to a specific site. 


These options would appear, in my mind, to be relatively easy options to incorporate into the program.  I see that these questions have been posed since 2016.  We're almost in the middle of 2018.  Shouldn't these have been addressed by now?


Please consider putting some of these requests further towards the top of the list.  Yes - I have read and posted to the User Voice section, but nothing seems to be going on there with those requests.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


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I see the feature! Thanks!@squach 


Still does not have all the updated functionality that they are working towards.

Questions still not showing up with the right numbering - ex. Section 1 - Ques 1, 2, 3 then Section 2 - Ques 1, 2, 3.  Right now it just puts all the numbering in order, no matter the section.

They are also working on branching with questions and sections.

Just took a survey a week or so ago related to this.  I know they're still working on a ton of updates for this topic.

Was excited for the sections, but it's useless for us without branching! Looking forward to getting this enabled

@Yong Qiu When will the branching be available for the section feature?


Guess what! There is branching! But it's not where or how you think. When editing a Form, click the three little dots in the upper right, and the top option is Branching! But it doesn't work if you have created sections in your Form. Ahhahahahaha!


Anyway, it does work, though. Just kinda backwards and hidden.

@riotpoof@TLCIT  Branching has actually been there for awhile.  However, as noted, they are still in the process of updating the sections to work correctly, including the 'branching' for the sections and/or questions within the sections.  They had sent out a survey a month or so ago asking our opinions on how we would want branching to work within sections.  Apparently they're still working on it.  And apparently taking too long, IMO.

@Yong Qiu  Can you give us any update on when this feature will be rolled out.  I know you have sent me 2-3 surveys to take on this topic, but that was months ago.  May 31st has come and gone so now we're paying for another year of survey support to another company instead of using this platform.  Thank you.

@Kathy Siskoy This is a great idea, and I hope you get resolution soon! I really need to branch by section for a form I'm working on. Would be so much easier than branching by each individual question.

It would be great to have separate numbering system under sections.

Question: is there a feature that would be similar to likert that ranks importance of 4 items, that does not allow to have each line item have the same ranking response (more than one item be "most important".) It would rank from one to 4, one being most important. I responded to a test survey and unfortunately I could select all of them with same response, when I want each line item to have a different response based on in ranking importance (no duplications).

@Yong Qiu 

Can you tell me how to make a new number per section.





@Yong Qiu How is this feature going? Our company is looking for using forms but this is the main problem to use it.

As a maths teacher the ability to write question 1a 1b etc is very important so I'm hoping that this feature is provided in the very near future. eg Q1 A square has side length 3cm. a) find the perimeter b) find the area c) find the length of the diagonal to 2 dp. Many thanks. @Pamela Sinclair 

@Kathy Siskoy 


Gee, it's already 2 years and still no further update from microsoft development teams. This is great, My office also asking me about this function. Kindly update the function based on user request.

Am I correct that we are now 3 years later and there is still no way to edit/remove numbering? Am I missing something? @Yong Qiu ?

are this still not available  ??


number 1a etc

restart numbering for each section

add text fields for explanatory text