Sections in MS Forms/Survey ignored - Not working as expected

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Hi team,

we are experiencing a strange issue with MS Forms:


  • MS Forms survey, six sections with questions (15 questions per section)
  • Survey participants are experiencing the following: They open the survey URL, then
    ... Case 1: ... see page 1 (aka section 1), click "next" to navigate to the next section etc; at end of the survey, they hit "submit", results are logged in MS Forms. All as expected.
       Case 2:  go to the end of the first survey page (aka section 1) and instead of the "next" button they have a "submit" button. Not as expected



  • The preview view in MS Forms works as expected, as described under case 1
  • We did the following test: Just open the survey URL, don't answer any question but instead scroll down to the end of the survey page (aka end of section 1) and check the label of the button.
    Surprise: Sometimes it is "next" sometimes it is "submit". With every reload the label changes, but not always (so no toggle)
  • This must be a bug - we are not changing any data (answer any questions) 

I removed any branching, the issue remains. Chrome, Edge, no difference.

Who has an idea?



PS: I had this issue in the past as well. The only way to escape was to rebuild the entire survey; with only copying the survey the issue remains :o


Yes there is a branch with the last question on section 1: I removed it but still same behaviour.

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