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To whom may concern,

I have created a microsoft form that has an question that allows for long answers.

I was wondering if there is a way to allow the person who is answering to have a rich text editor, so the respondent can use bullet points, italic, bold etc....


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Thanks for the feedback. We are working on the text formatting, currently on internal testing stage, will be rolling out in 1-2 months.
Thanks, I am looking for the lon answer rich text editor option. Please let me know how can I use this for my MS Form ?
thanks in Advacne

@Yuanquan Any update on this feature?

3 years later, still no sign of this.
Not is formatted text not supported, but even newlines are stripped out, so any long answer becomes an unreadable "wall of text". It seems this product was (a) designed with a very small set of imagined use-cases. (b) Has been abandoned

Shame that these have turned out to be empty words and now they are 3 years old!
Come on Microsoft, you can do better than this.