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Just got access to Forms in our GCC tenant. In the Settings under "Who can fill out this form", the only option is "Only people in my organization can respond".


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Is this a result of compliance to certify for GCC? 


Can't find anything specifically saying that it's because or GCC but this page ( states:


"Note: The Who can fill out this form section is only available for Office 365 Education and Office 365 Commercial users. To use this feature, please sign in with your work or school account."

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I found the Admin Center settings for Forms and all the external sharing settings are turned on so it doesn't look like a GCC restriction. Might just be that the feature isn't completely rolled out yet.

@Brian Acklen - Same here.  This was the response as of yesterday.  Not the best news, since we want to dump Survey Monkey.


Bruce (Microsoft)

Monday, January 28, 2019 4:20 PM GMT


Hi Jimmy,


Upon verifying here, external sharing is not available for GCC Office 365. Here are a list of features that are not currently available:

  • Email notification for each response
  • Insert picture from Bing Image Search
  • Insert video in Forms
  • Math feature in quiz
  • Integration with other Office products
  • External sharing

Can you please check the Message Center in your Office 365 Admin center? Check within the span of November 2018 to January 2019 if there's a roll-out information about Microsoft Forms for GCC Office 365.





Office 365 Support


@Brian Acklen.  It appears Forms in our GCC know allows external sharing of surveys.  Any idea when this was enabled?