Response problems on Forms

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Submitted responses did not come back to me, the administrator.  The uploaded pictures came through sharepoint, but I did not receive the submitted responses. Aaron submission.jpeg

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Hi @ManoaB 


We cant able to see the responses submitted through Forms via email.


We will be just notified while a new response was added/ created.


The images which are uploaded cant be seen in Sharepoint it will saved in our one drive for business.


If I am wrong in any of this steps please tell me 



Giftson Abraham

@ManoaB if you go to the Responses tab you should be able to see all the responses there when you click open in SharePoint. But what we always do in my company is to use a flow in Power Automate to send a confirmation email back to the user of their responses and also to send it to someone else and to save the answers to each question in a SharePoint list.



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