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I am fairly new to using Microsoft forms and had a question about response collections. 

Apologies if this has already been asked but I did not find it in the discussions...

Is there a way to have the responses get sent to a team/shared mailbox rather than the creator of the form? 


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@MiaCarmona yes but only by creating a flow in Power Automate. You can't do it just with Forms on its own.


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@RobElliott is there a How To or instructions on how to create a flow in Power Automate? 

@MiaCarmona there are many good videos on YouTube about Power Automate (or Microsoft Flow as it used to be called) for beginners. I particularly like the videos by Shane Young who got me started with the Power Platform over 4 years ago. One example you could look at is at


A very simple example where a flow grabs each form response as it comes in and sends it to someone is shown below:




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