Responder messages based on form choices possible?

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Dear people,

I am trying to make an assessment form, that student teams can check themselves during a feedback meeting, and based on their filing I would like to get auto responses per ticked box, that will serve as a mitigation plan, providing them with exact tips and even page numbers where to look for more info, on what they performed badly in. Would you be able to give me any tip on how to achieve this desired result? THANKS ever so much.

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Hi @Sander_Schroevers, Forms on its own is not going to be able to do this. But you should be able to achieve it with a combination of Forms, SharePoint and a flow in Power Automate.


The forms response for each person would be saved by Power Automate to a list in SharePoint. As part of the same flow an email would be sent to the person (and you) with their responses. Depending on the response to each question or where they had performed poorly the email could be different and could include the links you mentioned. The appropriate email would be selected in Power Automate automatically using a type of condition called a  switch control.


With a bit more detail of the questions on the form I could show some screenshots of how it would work.



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Wow Rob, I am impressed! I first need to finish a book manuscript, to get that printed. But if I might take it up later, many thanks. Kind regards from Amsterdam, SANDER