Resetting the form automatically

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I want to reset the form automatically after each entry by user. For example, when User1 submitted all the fields and hit Submit, i want the form to reset rather than showing "Thank you screen" and let User2 mark his answers. 


Is that possible? If not, any other alternative.

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@Naqash Ahmed.  I assume you want users 1 and 2 to be using the same computer and logged into the same account and working at the same time. Otherwise they would be logged in with their own account. Sorry but that's not possible with the way Forms is currently built.

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Yes, you are right. Here is my use-case, i want the Form having some general questions always being displayed on the reception and whenever somebody comes in, he/she will have to enter his/her details using that form without the need to login. The management at the back-end shall collect the data.

@Naqash Ahmed  We would like to use forms in the same manner. At the reception desk for each person that comes into our office. Did you ever get a response or find a solution?