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We are a school with 1600 students and 200 staff.

a) Send form - need to be able to Email the link to users in specific Group Memberships. Not time efficient to add 1000 users from our 1800 users to the email link. We could do this easily if we could add Group Memberships.

b) Need to be able limit who can view and respond to a specific group of users in an organisation. We don't want students sending the link to other students who were not invited.

c) Need to be able to add users who can view the responses. We have multiple teachers requiring to see the results of a form otherwise we would need to create 10 different forms instead of creating 1 form and having 10 teachers make sure the students in their class have responded.

d) Allow less questions in form than were submitted by creator. For example, can create a quiz with 50 questions but allow settings to only show 20 random questions to the students. This helps stop cheating. I know we can already randomise the display of questions.

e) Need to be able to add photos as Options, not just in the questions.

f) Would like custom theme so can add school logo and colours to background of form.


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