Request to add email field validation for Microsoft Forms

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Please add email field validation to Microsoft Forms, as it is in Customer Voice Forms (formerly Forms Pro) as Text filed restriction.


Thank you in anticipation ~Mo

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@MoTheSeeker there's a uservoice request for this which you can vote for here.


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@RobElliott Thank you! just voted 

when I click on the link to vote to support that I am taken to

Any idea why?

I also would like to see a way to confirm the person has entered the email address correctly, i.e. they type the email address in a. second time, and they can't continue until the address entered twice matches.
Hey, yes, I noticed it as well. It looks like UserVoice has changed the URL.

@thayes2021 uservoice is being retired and ther'll be an internal Microsoft replacement. They've started with Forms but not changed the url so far with other apps.


There is no way in Forms for it to validate that an email address matches.


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Thank you. Hopefully they will add it in the future. Tom.
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