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In my company, we're using MS Form to capture feedback about a product that we support.
Users can provide a 5-star rating and a written comment.

We would like the reviews to be visible to everyone and allow the support team to reply to their reviews.

Imagine the situations which user submit unfair reviews. We want the support team to be able to reply to the review acknowledging the feedback or explain an alternative.

We see similar thing in Google where business owners can

Is there any way we can do this in MS Form or to integrate with other tools?

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@arthur123 there's no way within Forms on its own to do this. What we always do in my company is to build a flow in Power Automate to save each response as it comes in to a SharePoint list. This is for audit reasons and to ensure we always have a complete list of responses in SharePoint rather than just relying on the spreadsheet behind the Form. the flow also alerts the team via email (a shared mailbox) of the new submission with a link directly to it. In our IT Support ticketing system I changed the default SharePoint list form to a Power Apps customised one so that the technician can add their comments and send a reply direct to the responder via another flow. Because of the way Power Apps handles connections the email is sent from the technician's email account. So you might want to consider building a system like that, it's not too difficult although there'll be a learning curve if you're not familiar with Power Automate or Power Apps. Come back with questions about any of this.




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@RobElliott that’s a smart way to work around the limitation. Thanks for sharing the approach.