Repeating questions in forms

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Is it possible to repeat a set of questions based on another question?


So for example:


Q1. Which products do you use:

text box 1: user can fill in first with option to add another

text box 2: user can fill in a second 


The following questions are then repeated for the products replied in Q1

Q2. how would you describe taste

Q3. how much does it cost

Q4... etc






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As far as I know , there is no option for this yet.

do you know if it is possible with any other surveying tool? eg Sharepoint surveys?

With Surveys you could use the branching options.  You would end up repeating ( copy/paste) the repeating questions so I'm not sure how practical that would be.


I'm not sure however if that would give you what you want for the long run as Forms seem to replace the survey lists a bit. As survery or often things with a short life anyway you could probably still go for that option for now.

Hi @Matthijs Bonte,


I better correctr my answer from yesterday.


You could use branching to get this behaviour sorted out in Form: