Reorder Questions in a Form (Need Sections!)

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I have a form that includes approximately 100 questions. The last 6 questions keep reordering themselves. The questions need to be in a specific order. I entered them in order, but they won't stay that way.

For example, I entered question #95. Then added a new question, which should be #96, but it moves up to become question #94, and so on. I also cannot move the questions like I have done before, using the up or down arrows to rearrange the question order.

I have deleted all questions from #90 to the end. Saved and exited. Closed my browser (Chrome) and restarted my machine. Nothing fixes the issue. Each time I type in the questions, they rearrange themselves.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


UPDATE: I deleted the last 20 questions. Then I added Sections to the form. I then added the 20 questions back to the form in the last (blank) section and it seemed to work. Will update again if anything changes.

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