Remove "Simplify data collection and gain smart insights today!" after submission.

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Is there any way to remove the above message from the page after submission? There's already a link at the bottom of the page "Create my own form" so we want to be able to remove the above banner as some forms are seen by people who don't have a license to create their own forms and therefore get an error when clicking it.





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The promotional banner cannot be removed.
That's sad to hear, especially considering we pay for licenses, most of the time when you pay for services they are 'AD Free'.
Hi David, could you please elaborate more on what's the impact of users without license try to see? Will better message to those without license will help remove their confusion?
I'd like to have the option to remove these too. It's extremely inappropriate to have an advertisement at the end of every form, makes the form look very unprofessional. For an online quiz or something that might make sense, but for an internal business form to pop up with a jaunty advertisement for the product we are already using and already pay for cheapens the effect considerably. Please add an option to remove these.

@SafetyRabbit I agree too.
It's so unprofessional and we've had a lot of negative feedback from clients, especially with those who are not MS users. As stated paying a license should mean we don't have this, after all MS has enough other advertising channels to add this to instead.

MS support have washed their hands on it. 


Perhaps MS support would like to comment?


totally agree, our users are finding it very confusing and keep clicking on it by mistake.

Appalling we have to have advertising on a service we are already paying for.

Yes, having Microsoft advertise on forms that we use for internal and external business process, looks very poor. The subtle links that were there before were OK, but this is very blatant and distracting.
I find this to be quite unprofessional on the part of MS. The primary intention of these forms in my organisation is solely for internal use, and any advertising should be reserved for when we communicate with external parties unfamiliar with MS Forms! This matter needs to be addressed
This must be removable!

I've had so many complaints this week already. So many forms are used in organizations for external data collection, especially with low skill audiences, and this is posing a HUGE barrier that honestly removes Forms from my recommendations. Please make this optional in the same spot as the "Show submit another response" button.

Please provide the option to disable this message. We use MS Forms in public sector to collect public feedback and this is not something we want to show on our Forms(doesn't look professional).

Please provide an option to remove the promotion banner. We use Forms in publicly available feedback stands, and most users get confused by the banner and click it when they try to start filling out another response. That renders the stands unusable as they are left in the "Sign into Forms" page with no option to resume to the feedback form.
Agreeing with everyone here. This is a huge issue for us. We use forms to collect confidential and sensitive information. Not at all appropriate to have an advert in the footer of the last page. Please enable a feature to hide or significantly minimise this huge banner ad.
Please provide a way to remove your Microsoft ads! We are also willing to pay to use our own branding.
Please confirm if the ads cannot be removed. If so, we will opt for an alternative form solution and stop using 365 for this as the license fees should not include additional advertising for Microsoft and the look is very unprofessional as other users have pointed out. Just trying to make a final attempt before opening the option for alternative solution. Thank you for your understanding.

@Sidney_Mathew they cannot currently be removed.


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