Remove a Group Form from Teams

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I have a form that was attached to my teams in Microsoft Teams. Currently, the results are spamming our general channel and is rendering it unusable by the team. I am the owner of team and I created the form for the group.


Is there a way to remove the form from the group? Is there a way to delete the group form? Is there a way stop the form reporting constantly?

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If it's spamming your channel then it is setup as a connector, you need to go to your channel, right click it and choose connectors. On the connectors screen click Managed view on the left and you should see forms. Click manage and then remove the connector from the channel and you should be good there.

You could also go to and delete the form, but I don't think you want it gone, you just want the spam to stop and if so, the connector removal should fix you up.

@Chris WebbThank you! I can see where that will remove the spamming, but if I remove the connector, will it not remove the form.


Also, I am wanting to get rid of the form and going to the Forms Portal, I am not able to remove that particular form. It will allow me to remove it from the list, but not from the group.

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Are you an owner of the group / Team? It should be able to be deleted. The form is probably setup as a tab somewhere since that's usually how you set them up in Teams besides just the Connector so look for a form tab, but you still should be able to delete on the back end.

I created a group form and went in and there is a delete option on the form you should have similar, if not, you might not be owner and it requires owner permission to delete possibly. 


I am the owner of the group and of the form. It has stopped giving me the option to create/remove except to create from the Teams tab. Nothing for deletion.



Click where it says recent group forms and actually go to your group, then remove it from there, doing it form the recent list probably doesn't work as it's an aggregate of all the forms.

Thank you! Great reminder.

Did that work?

Yes, it did. Completely forgot about that area in Forms.

@Chris Webb I had this same issue. I did delete the form but the notifications kept coming. Just deleted the connector. Thanks for the info.