Referencing Excels Online - Form results

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Hello! :)


This is my current situation:


- I have a Microsoft Form which sends the results to an Online Excel (A). This forms ask employees about the sell out of the day.

- I want, every employee, to have an Excel file (B) (online or offline, I don't care) where s/he can see a report with the latest sell outs and some other data as % of target of the year, etc...

- I want this information to be filled automatically. So, summarizing, I would like to take data from A and reference it in B.


Do you think is possible? And if not, do you think is there any workaround?



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Use Flow to take the data from the submitted form and then using an Excel connector to write it to a shared spreadsheet in SharePoint Online. You can create charts and pivot table in Excel and share that file or embed it on a SharePoint Page or tab in Teams.