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Hallo, I embed a Microsoft  Forms in a SharePoint page. I manage the answer with Microsoft Flow.  I'd like that at the end of the  flow the form  page is redirected to a specific page url .


Please,from Microsoft flow,  how can I redirect a SharePoint  page?


Thank you



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This is not possible. You cannot send anything to the client real-time by submitting a form. Your only option is including a URL after they fill out the form in the Thank you submission page.

Is possible from the flow to include the URL  in the Thank you submission page form?.

I need to allow the user to pass to the specific page only if the user respond correctly 10 times on 12 questions.

No, the only way will be to send an e-mail to the submitter etc via flow. You cannot change the behavior of form itself.

Ok thank you so mutch 

Hi Chris, just one question: I've created a Windows form test with 12 questions, then I 've embed in a SharePoint page. I'd like that  if the user press "Submit" and  answer correctly  10 questions, he can watch a office  365 video or he is redirected to a specific page embed the video.


How would you do it?


Thank you

Assuming it’s internal users I personally would create a powerapp customized sharepoint form which could do this. But it would take a little bit of effort and you need to know powerapps well or it’s going to take While to create it. But once you learn you can do many things. You could do the form have grade logic then redirect or switch to a page with the video or whatever else you want to do.

Hi Chris thank you so mutch for your advice.