Receive Individual responses to a form by email as an attachment




I'm wondering if anyone might have a solution,  we currently use Survey Monkey for obtaining references for our candidates, and would like to switch to forms, however, downloading each and every response seems quite a pain.


Ideally, I'm looking for a solution through flow to capture the data of that individual response along with the original questions, and attach it as a pdf to an email sent to an individual user or distribution group, so that it can be uploaded onto the candidate file.     I'm aware that this can be done in the body of the email itself, however, it's quite messy, and would prefer a non-editable transportable file that can be used in our audit chain. 


I'm quite a beginner with absolutely no IT credentials, but have put a few flows and approval processes in, once I have the basics, I can normally follow a logical sequence.


Any assistance gratefully received,  thanks :)

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